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Character Creation

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 19, 2017 4:19 am

For Character Creation, I am leaning toward using the optional rules using the point system. This means on top of your base stats, according to race, you have 90 points to place among your attributes, including your Luck. For Luck, I am leaning toward a base level of 30. You cannot add more than 20 CP to any one attribute (50 max).

For your Star Sign, I am not forcing you to roll. You can if you wish, if it helps you in the creation process. I will require you to take a hit on your permanent Luck if you decide to take the Star Cursed variant. Because, you know, cursed. If you decide to roll, there is no charge for Star Cursed, if you decide to keep it.

I would prefer everyone start off with a basic race. I know a few of you want to play Snow Elves, but you gotta convince me. You won't start with the rest of the group, and will have to meet up with them. Gimme a helluva good background and I could change my mind. You wanna play a Daedra? Thaaat's a definite no.

No Elite Advancements as of yet (may change further in the game). Then you get supplemental material. No, you cannot be a Tongue (use the Thu'um). Not unless you seriously impress some people/Dov.

We are starting at a Medium character level, giving you 2,500 points to play with. You will also be awarded 1,200 Drakes to begin with. While you can trade CP for more money, it does not work in the reverse. Sorry Razz

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